Benefits of eating banana

There are many benefits of eating banana. Banana is a fruit. Eating an apple each day can promote good health, but few people know that a banana each day can also keep the doctor away. The banana's health benefits come from the many vitamins and nutrients that it contains. Bananas have a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates that provide a quick supply of natural energy. In addition, bananas have a healthier blend of three natural sugars: glucose, sucrose and fructose. The combination of these sugars have great energy potential. Bananas are one of the few fruits that contain both complex and simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates give you endurance energy and simple carbohydrates give you quick energy. Eating just two bananas will give you enough energy to exercise for 90 minutes.

Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral electrolyte that is essential for your heart. Potassium travels to cells throughout your body and helps the circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain. This also helps maintain a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water in the body. People who eat diets high in potassium-rich foods like bananas can also substantially reduce their risk of stroke, regulate blood pressure and prevent various heart diseases. If you are looking for a food that can help you lose weight, bananas are a perfect choice. They are low in fat while high in fiber and vitamins.

The dietary fiber in bananas absorbs water and takes up a lot of space in your stomach, thereby keeping you feeling full for longer time period. Plus, they boost metabolism, thanks to their several B vitamins. The naturally sweet taste also will curb your sweet tooth when you feel the urge to eat something sweet. Bananas are a good source of iron for people suffering from anemia. Iron deficiency is a key factor in this health condition and eating foods rich in iron will help replenish this essential mineral. Regular consumption of bananas along with other iron-rich foods can gradually reduce symptoms associated with anemia including fatigue, dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath and a rapid heartbeat.

Having a banana at breakfast every day adds a nutrient to your body to support normal heart function. Bananas are rich in a mineral electrolyte called potassium. When potassium enters your body, it absorbs directly into your bloodstream through intestinal walls. Potassium travels around to cells all over your body and dissolves in fluid inside of cells. It travels across cell membranes if needed to keep fluid balanced in and around cells. This process keeps electricity flowing throughout your system, which is required to make your heart beat. In cases of severe potassium deficiency, your heart rhythm may become irregular, which can be deadly. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, you need 4,700 milligrams of potassium on a daily basis. Bananas provide more than 360 milligrams per 6-inch piece of fruit. Adding a banana to your diet also helps keep your eyes healthy. Bananas have a small amount of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is vital for protecting your eyes and normal vision. The term "vitamin A" refers to a series of compounds, including beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. These compounds preserve the membranes that surround your eyes and are a component of one of the proteins that brings light into your cornea. Adequate daily vitamin A intake also lessens your risk of night blindness and is essential for everyday vision. Women require 700 micrograms of daily vitamin A, and men need 900 micrograms, explains the Office of Dietary Supplements. One 6-inch banana has nearly 10 micrograms of vitamin A. Bananas also contain alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, which convert to vitamin A to further keep your eyes healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults in the United States. You owe it to your family and to yourself to take good care of your heart, and bananas can help with that. They're packed with potassium that helps keep your heartbeat normal. Bananas also contain fiber, which has been proven to help prevent heart disease. The potassium in bananas and their low sodium content help keep your blood pressure low as well. Fiber isn't just good for your heart; it also helps keep your digestive system running smoothly. Whether you're meeting the guys on the golf course or headed to a big business meeting, you don't want sluggish digestion to slow you down. Eating a diet rich in fiber helps keep your bowel movements regular, and a banana a day provides 12 percent of the fiber you need. Fiber also helps you feel full longer after eating, reducing the chances that you'll overeat and making it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Bananas contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin in your body. Serotonin helps keeps your moods elevated and positive, so a banana a day may help fight depression. When you're stressed, your body depletes its supply of potassium quickly. Since 1 banana contains about 400 mg of potassium, eating one a day can help you stay healthy during stressful times. Bananas are rich in vitamins B-6 and B-12, which help keep your immune system strong and healthy. B vitamins also help keep your nervous system in good working order. A banana a day can even help you quit smoking; vitamins B-6 and B-12 work along with the potassium and magnesium in bananas to help you get over nicotine withdrawal more quickly. It's a breeze to peel and eat a banana. They're easy to pack away, and you don't have to worry about juice or crumbs, so they're an ideal snack to eat on the go. If you get tired of eating a banana every day, try something different. Slice it and put it on your cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or even ice cream. Mash some bananas and add them to breads and muffins. Bananas add flavor, nutrients and texture to smoothies that you make at home. With all of the ways you can eat a banana, and all of the health benefits, it's simple and smart to have one a day.

Banana widely used fruit in the India and many Asian countries. Everyone knows banana is a rich source of potassium. Other than that banana contains the many health benefits. It is the richest source of the vitamins like A, vitamin B and it is the richest source of potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Many people can use this fruit to eat because it contains the lot of health benefits. The various benefits and uses of banana for skin and hair are listed below. Take the finely ripe banana and mash the banana, apply it over the dry skin and face. Wash it after 10 -15 minutes. The banana contains the vitamin A helps to keep moisturizes the skin. Homemade natural moisturizer with the beauty benefits of banana. Milk is the natural moisturizer for the skin. Banana is also the natural moisturizer for the skin. Great combination of the dry skin. Take the ripe banana and mash the banana, add the milk to the ripped banana. If you are interested add the honey also. All these three are the natural moisturizers. Make all the ingredients as fine paste. Apply on the face and skin. Wash with luke warm water after 10-15 minutes. The best homemade face packs to attain beauty benefits of banana. Banana can keep the skin glowing and healthy. Banana can easily open the clogging skin pores and gives the glow to the face. The best and most used homemade pack by uses of banana to get glowing skin.

Take the finely ripe banana and mix the lemon juice to the mashed banana. Apply this mask on the face. Wash the face after 10 minutes. Lemon contains the vitamin C natural exfoliates cleans the skin pore and open the clogging skin pores gives the glow to the face. Take the peel of the banana. Cut the peel into small pieces, rub the inner side of the peel on the puffy eyes. Rub under the eyes for 5 minutes, then washes the face. The potassium helps to decrease the puffiness under the eyes. You can use the mashed banana instead of the banana peel to reduce the puffy eyes. The minerals and vitamins in the banana help to face free from the wrinkles and age spots. Banana contains the vitamin E, natural anti aging vitamin.

Take the finely ripe banana and mash the banana as well. Take the vitamin E capsules and make the capsule as fine powder mix the capsules powder with the mashed banana. Mix the batter well. Apply this face pack after 10-15 minutes, wash the face. Banana peel helps to control the wrinkles on the face. Take the banana peel and rub the peel on the face in circular motion. This process makes to prevent the wrinkles on the face. Banana is the natural hair conditioner. Take the ripe banana and coconut milk in the bowl. Mix the ingredients and apply to the hair. Wash your hair after 10minutes. If amla (Indian gooseberry) juice is available, then add the amla juice to the above mix. Take the ripe banana and mash the banana into a paste, add the cup of curd to it. Apply this smooth paste on the scalp. It helps to control the itchy scalp and prevents the hair loss.

Take the peel of the banana in the blender. Add the olive oil or coconut oil and egg white to the banana peel. Blend all the ingredients well. Take it out from the blender apply on the hair scalp. This hair mask strengths the hair from the roots. Banana is that one fruit which is rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is an important element for your health to keep the blood sugar under control. It has been proven that consumption of calcium, potassium and magnesium keeps your blood pressure under control and helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. Helps in curing piles. Banana also helps in reducing the chances of having piles as it controls the bowel functioning.